Toward a New Era

The American-Libyan Council stands with the Libyan people in their fight for freedom, and looks toward the great possibility of a new Libya - free, resolute, and a nation positively contributing to the international community.

The American-Libyan Council (ALC) is dedicated to effectively strengthening US-Libyan relations through the promotion of educational, cultural, commercial and technology relations. We are a non-political and non-partisan organization focused on fostering better relations, cooperation, understanding and partnership between the United States and Libya.

To facilitate these ends, ALC is creating a great variety of activities throughout the year - ranging from cultural, business, and governmental affairs.

Recent News

ALC joins Former Libyan Ambassador Ali Aujali and GW alumnus Hafe Al-Ghwell at the Libya: Roadmap to Freedom event at George Washington University to discuss the current crisis in Libya and the charting of a course of a Libya free of the Gaddafi Regime.
ALC joins Former Libyan Ambassador Ali Aujali, and directors from the Libyan Emergency Task Force, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, and Muslim Public Affairs Council in applauding US intervention in saving the lives of Libyan civilians.