About ALC

ALC Staff & Contact Information
Fadel Lamen

Gaddor Saidi
Vice President

Advisory Committee

Aly Abuzaakouk

Ali Aujali, Ambassador

Abdulhafid El-Huderi, PhD

Farid Elyazgi

Ali Gebril

Naeem Gheriany, PhD

Shahrazad Kablan

Khalid Mattawa, PhD

Fawzia Obieda

Esam Omeish, MD

Hassan Shalluf

Rebecca Mayo-Smith

Contact Info
Address: 2300 M Street, NW Suite 800, Washington District of Colombia, 20037, United States of America

Phone: 703-944-8458

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Our Mission
The American-Libyan Council (ALC) is dedicated to effectively strengthening US-Libyan relations through the promotion of educational, cultural, commercial and technology relations. We are a non-political and non-partisan organization focused on fostering better relations, cooperation, understanding and partnership between the United States and Libya.


Our Goals
  • Educate the public and private sectors on the importance of strategic alliance between the United States and Libya.
  • To increase the understanding and appreciation of the history, culture and traditions of the United States and Libya.
  • To promote awareness of the U.S.-Libyan issues.
  • To encourage trade and investment between the United States and Libya.
  • To help resolve problems and disputes that affects the U.S.-Libyan culture and commercial relations.
  • To facilitate dialogue between U.S. and Libyan societies